Mining Equipment Suppliers South Africa

    27 Sep

    South Africa’s mining industry is the driving force that is responsible for the development and history of Africa's rich and advanced economy. It is the world’s second largest producer of gold, and still has lots of other metals and minerals to offer. It is the world’s largest producer of manganese, chrome, platinum, vermiculite and vanadium. It is also the world’s second largest producer of palladium, ilmenite, zirconium and rutile. South Africa is the third largest coal exporter in the world.
    Conditions on a majority of mines in South Africa are the same as elsewhere. A large majority of the mining equipment is for the ventilation requirements in underground mines. These mining equipments keep the working conditions bearable. Refrigeration of the air is often needed in mines due to the large amounts of intense heat generated within mines to keep the conditions within the mines safe. The right mining equipment can have a heavy impact on the safety of the miners and the level of difficulty of the mining and extraction process.
    When considering a mining equipment supplier in South Africa keep in mind that the company should have a large amount of experience in the mining industry. The supplier needs to have the ability to customize machinery so as to fit the client’s requirements. For legal reasons, the company must be ISO 9002 compliant. Look for a mining equipment supplier that has the knowledge to provide guidance when it comes to the best item to select, and educate workers of any new regulations, techniques and machinery that might be released.  The best thing is to select a mining equipment supplier that has a trusted and proven track record.   
    The supplier of mining equipment must provide maintenance services as needed for their own equipment. It is ideal if they specialize one section of the industry, but also have the ability to supply equipment required for different mining requirements. Look for a supplier that can provide installed plants in addition to mobile solutions with the required capacity. You need durable, low maintenance, and cost efficient equipment to be supplied.
    Make several enquiries about the mining equipment supplier. The workers need to have an experienced background in engineering, geology and mining and only can they sufficiently understand and advise you when it comes to your technical requirements. It is important to find a mining equipment supplier that can, not only offer pre-designed units, but also custom made ones. This ensures that you can stick to the same mining equipment supplier whether your mine is placer or lode, surface or underground, precious metals or common minerals.
    Bond Equipment is a mining equipment supplier in South Africa. The company is one of the leading suppliers and complies with internationally high standards of quality assurance and safety. They provide equipment such as rotary screens, jumbo DMS plants, mobile and stationary DMS plants, scrubbers, screens and pan washing units. It has an impressive combination of engineers, geologists and mining specialists, all of whom have had years of experience in the mining industry and are always ready to guide and support you in your mining equipment needs.