Mining Equipment China

    28 Sep

    China is the world’s largest producer of gold. China produced 276 tonnes of gold in 2006, and in 2007 this output increased by twelve percent. This rise put China ahead of South Africa, which produced 272 tonnes. Until then, South Africa had been the largest gold producer in the world for an impressive 101 years.
    In the past five years, gold exploration in China discovered five untouched gold deposits holding reserves of 600 tonnes of gold. Another gold discovery was made in Zhaoyuan, a town found in Shandog, which led to 60 gold mines being built which are now running there. Fifteen percent of China’s total gold comes from this town, which is the largest gold producing town in the country.
    China’s complete gold reserves are relatively small in comparison to the rest of the world, as they only make up 7% of all the gold produced on earth. Most of the gold discovered is in the eastern provinces of China, although the west is now being explored and gold discoveries are being made on a much smaller scale than the east.
    The conditions found on the mines of China are much the same as anywhere else in the word. A large majority of the mining equipment is needed for the ventilation requirements in underground mines. These mining equipments keep the working conditions bearable by circulating much needed fresh air into mines. Refrigeration of the air is also needed in mines to cool down the large amounts of intense heat generated within mines. The constant dust produced by mining activities needs to be wetted down so as to prevent the miners suffering from silicosis. The right mining equipment can have a heavy impact on the safety and health of the miners and the level of difficulty of the mining process.
    The type of mining equipment needed depends on the mine itself. Mines can be surface mines that are easier to operate, or subsurface mines reaching several thousands of kilometers underground. Equipment can also change based on whether the mines are of lode deposits of minerals or placer deposits. Trucks, shovels and cranes are required to move large deposits of ore and rocks away from the mine to the place where they are processed. Processing plants make constant use of large crushers, reactors, mills, blasters and roasters to combine mineral rick materials and to extract the desired minerals or metals from the ore.
    Mining equipment suppliers must be chosen with care. The supplier needs to have the ability to customize machinery so as to fit the client’s requirements. For legal reasons, the company must be ISO 9002 compliant. Look for a mining equipment supplier that has the knowledge to provide guidance when it comes to the best item to select, and educate workers of any new regulations, techniques and machinery that might be released.  The best thing is to select a mining equipment supplier that has a trusted and proven track record. The equipment, once available, needs to be used by the workers correctly and efficiently.