Learn and Start Prospecting & Mining for Gold and Other Deposits

    The objective of mining research is to supply the world wide market with raw mineral or energetic material. Considering most anything and everything we use these days are derived from some sort of mineral, thus being mined at one of the 7,000 mines worldwide shows the need for constant mine development. The more we are on this prospectinggood Earth the more we’ll need from it. The more modern we get the more we consume, even a computer with a silicon chip runs on a mined mineral, being one of many examples. So until we start making plastic or fiberglass cars or airplanes, or any other means of transportation, for that matter, there will always be need for mines. When deciding to search for a certain kind of mineral, instead of another, it goes along with the economic and political world context. And can be decided by public or private organizations. Taking into consideration what your objective is first, determines where you go. You don’t go to a country or region and fish around to see what you find, its the other way around. Once you know specifically what you want and/or need, you begin to research through geologic history what areas are more prone to what mineralization. Since no two deposits are alike, comparison among them is risky. You still can base yourself on prior information or experiences, but just because a mineral in a particular location follows a particular pattern doesn’t mean that the same mineral an adjoining property will follow the same trend. In a first case scenario when starting with the search of raw material an mines is brought about by government organizations.

    Private companies only intervene when it comes to utility or profit and the eventual search decisions are related to the constant fluctuation of the world market. So what maybe profitable today might not be tomorrow, making mining investment as highly profitable as it is risky. Having taken that into consideration and the fact that because mining proportions are generally large, not to mention the time that is spent on exploration, prospecting and building a site before there is any kind of profit, there is no such thing and short term investment, which is one of the reasons countries leave it to the private industry not being able to cope with the fact that some mining projects don’t begin making profits a decade or so after the beginning stages.

    Lastly in a third scenario in “underdeveloped countries” where prospecting can be given to a public organization of another country, a private enterprise or international company. Which is what happens most often, like it was aforementioned prospecting takes a great deal of time, patience and funding. Something that is in shortage in many underdeveloped countries, by the mere fact that present economic stability seems to be their only objective, and having a hard time with that gives them little or no time to focus on and much less fund long term mining projects to create mining jobs. Although here we will be talking about gold prospecting or gold mining specifically, we give great detail to many other mineral groups. Since they are all part of the same group we cannot discard one, for the mere fact that it isn’t what were looking for. Prospecting for metals in general basically follows the same principals, what changes are the parameters used when analyzing the results.