How to find minerals

    Once it is decided which mineral or minerals to search for, based on the above mentioned considerations being economic or political, the means of how to search for a mineral is initially considered on geological and schematic research, which are carried out following three consecutive phases:

    • Archiving and preparation phase
    • Prospecting phase
    • Geological evaluation phase of the deposit (fig. 1)

    Each one of these phases is made up of different techniques and methods which are applied when changing the objectives that have little by little been set.

    Each prospecting method must be accomplished very carefully, be it in the examination of outcropped material, or in the collection of drilled samples.

    Generally it is the “prospector” that is responsible of these jobs, although he might not be a “know it all” technician, he must be able to carryout some complex tasks, to avoid having to send a specialist for a specific matter, which is often very expensive. So he must be able to compile information using simple geophysics prospecting methods, manage the light probing, digging small exploration trenches or pits; like he should also be acquainted with sampling methods, making it one of the most important and delicate operations of all the mining research phases.