Small mining equipment

    26 Nov

    Mining today is often undertaken on an industrial scale with the use of large equipment and heavy machinery. But there is also a market for equipment for mining on a small scale or that undertaken for recreational purposes. Gold is the most common ore to be mined in small quantities and this is reflected in the type of equipment sold. Some of the commonly used equipment includes the following:
    • Shovels are one of the most essential small mining equipment allowing you to dig for submerged ores and access minerals below the surface of the earth. A large variety of shovels, trowels and hand held diggers are available today.
    • Metal detectors are used to guide miners to the presence of gold and other ores.
    • Rock dusters, gas and electric powered rock crushers, hand-picks, chisels, scoops and hammers are some of the other small tools used by miners to clear and extract ores from the rock surface.
    • Hand-held drills are necessary to make tunnels to reach ores which lie beneath the surface of the earth. Bolts and cables are used to provide ceiling support to prevent roof collapses.
    • Bulb snifters are also useful in reaching small quantities of ore submerged under water. Used in addition with sniper scopes, which allow you to get a clearer view underwater, they make a useful addition to your mining equipment.
    • Crevice suckers and crevice vacuums are used to pull small amount of gold or other minerals out of submerged crevices. Small crevice picks and tweezers are used to first clear the crevices before extraction.
    • Magnifiers are necessary to view the materials as most recoverable are miniscule in size.
    • Pans of different materials like steel and plastic are used to separate gold from the rocks and sand collected.
    • Sluice pans are one of the most efficient ways to separate gold from the material recovered from mining and there are a huge range of sluices catering to all mining needs. In addition, equipment like classifiers and screens are also useful in recovering useful ores from waste material.
    • Dredges are one of the most commonly used equipments in gold mining. They are used to reach minerals found below the surface of water, for example from riverbeds. The material is pumped to the surface using suction hoses and into sluice boxes to recover the ores.
    • Concentrators, dry washers, amalgamators and magnetic separators are also used to recover gold from the extracted material and separate the waste. Sieves, gold snuffers and gold panning machines also aid in this process.
    • Safety is of prime consideration when undertaking any kind of mining and a large variety of safety equipment is available including lamps, clothing, goggles and hats to reduce the risk of injury to the miner.
    All equipment for mining is easily available from suppliers most of whom advertise their products on the internet. Pre-owned mining tools and other equipment are also sold widely.