Mining Equipment Parts

    27 Nov

    1. Surface Mining Equipment Parts
    Some of the surface mining equipment parts are described below:
    Rock Drill
    Rock drills are employed excavation and mining purposes. It is pneumatic tool, an example can be the hammer drill, or percussion hammer. The tool consists of a piston and a drill, generally manufactured with high-carbon steel. The drill is kept freely in a block at the end of the cylinder and is hammered by swift blows from the freely moving piston. When digging vertically on the floor, a hollow drill will be used, and water or air is pumped to keep the drill bit cool and also to remove rock debris.
    Drifter is another kind of rock drill, and is employed for drilling horizontal holes in mining operations and tunnel drilling. It is generally outfitted on some type of rig or frame and is mechanically operated. All drifters integrate a control system involving rotary-valves which will provide operators with various combinations of impact rates and impact energy levels. The net result will be that the drifters become capable of accomplishing top class drilling operations in all types of terrain.

    Paving Breaker
    Paving breaker is also known as concrete breaker. It is a high efficiency tool, appropriate for destruction of concrete, breaking up of asphalt, destroying rock outcrop, digging of hard clay, and laterite channel work. Hand-held pneumatic paving breakers generally employ solid steel drills, but are not outfitted with any automatic rotation system. One type of tool is valve-activated, another is valve-less. Heavy-weight machinery will be necessitated for breaking concrete pavements, foundations, and heavy rocks.
    DTH Hammer
    Percussive drilling is an innovative way after the employment of blasting method to get hold of earth minerals. It is still practiced in the blasting holes drilling of solid rock mining and construction in general. Top hammer drilling and down the hole (DTH) or in the hole (ITH) drilling are the most normally employed PRD methods. Both of them employ the same drilling idea, with different drill string permutations.
    2. Underground Mining Parts
    Some of the underground mining equipment parts are listed here:
    Junior Simba
    Junior simba machine is intended particularly for underground mining to drill in 360° rotation for conventional drilling, at any angle for small mines. Because of its relative small size, it is easy to move the machine from one place to another. It is appropriate for drilling, drifting, long hole drilling, and tunneling.
    Mucking Machine
    Muck is loosened rock or ore material that results from blasting in mining operations or tunneling. It can also be earth or clay that has been dug in mining. Mucking machine is employed to lift and haul muck from the worksite. Mucking machines differ in sizes in surface and underground mining operations. The actual distinctiveness of the muck itself will strongly control how efficiently and effectively it can be loaded and transported away. Muck also possesses bulking characteristic because it expands in volume after being This includes everything from the size, shape, volume, hardness, moisture content, angle of repose, abrasiveness, and dryness or stickiness of the muck being handled. Muck also has a "bulking factor" because it increases in volume after being excavated.
    Slurry Pump
    Slurry pumps are slurry transport equipment. In mining industry, these will be robust and heavy centrifugal machines capable of pumping out heavy volumes of slurry from the workplace. These pumps are capable of handling tougher abrasive solids and slurry in mining and mineral processing operations.