Mining Claim for Sale Colorado

    11 Oct

    It is well known that mining claims are ideal secluded building sites full of history. Many of these sites are available in Colorado, USA in counties such as Clear Creek and Gilpin. The best mining claims are those that are embedded within county owned land and National Forest. These areas offer spectacular views, notable wildlife and mountain living.

    The total amount of mining land claims make up a small percentage of the land in Colorado even though thousands of thee small mining claims are available. Most of the land borders on public land and is highly sought after by many keen on purchasing secluded mountain property. A claim holder is able to mine the public ground but will not be able to own the land.

    Only one home can be built per claim, even if the claim is divided into two non-contiguous pieces. There are a few important things to remember before building on raw land. The county must recognize and therefore, legalize the access to your property. This needs to be done through a county road that crosses the land. Obtaining this might require expensive litigation even though national and state laws claim that no land can be without access to it.

    Many websites advertise gold claims that are available for purchase in Colorado, USA. One such website is and they offer a range of different sites for sale. Similar to other agents that sell such land, this company states that certain rights and guarantees are put across after an individual purchases a mining claim. These rights include surface, mineral and timber rights and a Federal guarantee of access into the area. This guarantee is seen as a helpful means to solve any easement issues that may arise after purchasing the land. Many of the gold claims include additional ores such as Pyrite, Telluride and Lead Silver.

    The cost of each area depends on the accessibility of the location as well as the ore bodies available. Most of the twenty acre claims cost $1800.00 on grubstaker. These claims include North Clear Creek and Silver Creek Camp in Gilpin County and Hamlin Claim and Parker Group in Clear Creek County. The Grub 4 claim, also $1800, is available in Boulder County and offers a great deal to mining enthusiasts as you can buy an additional adjacent 20 acre claim for half the price if you purchase this particular claim. Please check the website for more details.

    Keen in mind that researching different gold mining claims in the area will be effective as you can then find the best bargain price for each claim. You might also find new areas that are only available through one particular agent. For instance, offers a claim which is 5.6 acres and 8 miles east of the Keystone Ski Resort that is not available for purchase on many other websites.

    All you potential land buyers interested in the gold mining claims that Colorado has to offer are advised to seek assistance and advice from a real estate agent who is aware of the mining claims before you make any purchases. Contact the necessary county offices to get information about the particular restrictions and laws that apply to purchasing such land.