How - Where to Find Gold. Rivers and streams or Lakes

    Where to find gold:The old adage that "Gold is where you find it" is not necessarily true. Prospecting in the better known gold bearing regions will immediately improve how your chances of finding gold are. Gold is where others have found it and you have come up with a better method of recovering gold.

    Rivers and streams:Rivers and Streams become natural collectors of gold, making it a little easier for the average prospector. Gold moves and collects primarily during flood stage. The high fast waters cut away at the banks of the river and carry the gold into the mainstream. Gold being seven times heavier than most other materials will tumble along the bottom of the river and easilhow to find goldy come to rest when the current slows along the inside bend of the river or hits a major obstacle such as a boulder.

    Lakes:During the summer months the water in many lakes recedes making the lake shores easily accessible. While exploring the shoreline, look for streams that may still be flowing and dry washes that may only flow during heavier rains or spring run off.

    Prospect thoroughly where the stream enters the lake. If you find any color at the mouth of a stream or dry wash, chances are there is more gold further up the stream.

    map where to find gold

    map where to find gold