Where Gold can be Found

    There are certain dry lakes and ponds in different areas that have rich pockets. These are areas where the arroyos or runoffs drain out of. Even though in most cases this has to do with working dust, which can be quite a dirty thing, when part of it is gold dust, nobody seems to care. There are some areas in which hydraulic rams raise up the water to the operation site and at times give the correct amount for a one or two man rockers, sluices, trammels, etc. Long Toms do to need any artificial power to be used and some people use them in secret placers in order to prevent the noise that engines make. A lot of miners do not let known the activities they are carrying out nor do they tell anybody about their production because they are afraid that the officials of the area will get involved in their activities, even in cases when these are completely legal. Some people believe that all of the inspections, red tape and the time spent on all this is a waste of time, so they simply work and ignore it, nonetheless the law is the law. It has been said that a few years ago around ten times more regions might be found within the United States that have not yet been discovered, and what’s more, that they should consist of the main areas as they currently are. Even though there has been a great amount of prospecting done in the past, there are very big areas and even those that are very easy to get to, have hardly been inspected and looked at. Is it really true that a weekend prospector or amateur will be able to obtain gold on a gold exploration activity? Believe it or not, more than eighty percent of the gold that is found as well as uranium has been found by prospectors that did not have a great amount of experience. The Western Mining Corporation in Australia had placed two experienced geology teams to work in the area, but there was an independent prospector that uncovered a Poseidon mine. There is also another story of a man by the name of John Jones, who was passing by a district that was full of professional geologists, turned into a millionaire when he found the Scotia nickel deposit.