What Equipment is Needed to Find Gold

    The table is mostly a plane, rectangular surface witch elevate pieces or riffles running the extent of it. The table is pitched a little in the long direction and more sharply pitched in the other direction .The sharply pitched across the table is flexible .The size and gravity of the material to be put across the table decide the pitch at which the table is set .The heavier the material , the steeper the pitch must be. The supply, or the material to be put across the table, falls on to the table at the maximum corner. Water is added with the supply, and all the way across the table .The tables movement comes from an unusual “head motion” which moves the table back and forth in the long direction of the table. A little table is moved about 3/8 of an inch by the head movement, many times each minute.

    As the supply drops on to the sopping table top ,the lighter materials move fast down the sharp pitch of the table .

    The heavier materials ,such as gold and iron , suspend higher on the table .The action of the table turn the material in the long direction of the table. A few little inch from the top of the table the first riffles start. the first ones are short , every following than the last ,until ¾ of the way down the table the riffles expand the extent of the table . Every riffle is pointed from a quarter of an inch at the high end of the cable to a 16 of a inch at the low end of the table .The material stirring down the table is blocked by these riffles and moves along them , the lighter material backing up and passing the riffles as it becomes thinner ,then selected by the next riffle .By the time the material has get to the far end of the table it is a process management from the high corner of the table towards the low corner of the table.

    Seem this line of material, one will see the upper part of it hold the heaviest material on the table .By cautiously holding this line of materials ass it falls off the far end of the table, a division of materials by their exact gravity’s can be made. The directed table creates a good division, but there will be some dirty in each fraction divide by the table. Previous the material from the tumbler can be put on the concentrating table it must be display. As declare earlier, the highest size of the gold particles in these Colorado places is about 10 meshes. A 10 mesh screens, therefore is used to divide the material from the tumbler. A shake feeder is used to feed the screen. A rheostat on the feeder wheel the rate at which the material is fed onto the screen. After showing, the 10 mesh material moves onto the concentrating table. The pulse feeder is set to feed precisely the right sum of the table, for too much or too little material will origin the table to work unacceptably.