Utah Areas with gold

    Utah only has one gold district which is the Bingham district; however this one place did produce a good amount of gold in its time. Gold can still be found in this area and it is possible a very good discovery will be made here, who knows? There are two other districts located in the Great Salt Lake Desert region as well as other placer gold districts such as the Colorado River, Green River and the Bingham that can be searched and looked into.

    House Range district
    The House Range district can be found in between highway 6-50 and old highway 50. The placer deposits can be found in Granite Canyon (or Miller Canyon according to some maps) and Amasa Valley and some of the dirt roads off the highways mentioned can take you into the area. The first production to have ever been recorded came about in 1932 during the Depression. This forced many people to have to go to areas all over the west to be able to find some gold for money. The best area in this district was the sand and gravel deposits that are on the Amasa Valley. Nearly all of the gold has been obtained from gravels at the area where the east and north forks bring the creek bed together in the principal canyon. The gold in this area most likely comes from quartz deposits on the North Peak however geologists have said they are not certain where the source of placer gold can be found.

    Detroit district
    Reports have been made that placer gold was discovered in canyons and washes in the Drum Mountains, which can be found in the Juab County. There are in addition lode mines in the area that have had a little bit of production and the veins that are in the area are most likely the source of the placer deposits.