The Treasure of Palmdale

    It has been said that the owner of the Governor Mine located close to Palmdale decided to hoard some of the gold the mine was producing instead of turning it into money. One of the employees found out about the hoard and knew that it was kept in the safe of the company. Given that the employee was under the impression that the owner was holding onto it illegally and that if it were stolen the owner would not be able to report, he decided to break into the safe one night and robbed the gold and money that he found with it. The employee thief decided to burry the gold close by and figured he would simply dig it up later on where he would be able to leave the camp without being noticed. Nonetheless, the owner ended up getting ahold of the police and they found the money in the belongings of the employee. The man was then convicted of the crime he had committed and was sent to jail however he did not make known where he had hidden the gold. After the employee got out of jail he went back to the area where he had left the gold, however the police always had an eye on him. He was however not able to find the gold he had hidden. The man was then sent to jail once again. During this time in jail he became very sick and got placed in the prison hospital in which he gave one of the orderlies a map in which he had drawn out the location of where he had hidden the gold. The orderly obviously went on a search for this gold but was not able to find it. The orderly then gave this map over to another man who searched for the lost treasure with a metal detector, but to no avail though. It is said that this man was shot and killed and was never seen again.