The Treasure of Montezuma & Vallecito

    The story and treasure of Montezuma originated in Mexico when the Spanish soldiers under Cortez were raiding the Aztec Empire. The legends of Mexico say that Montezuma, in order to frustrate the Spanish, ordered the huge amount of the Aztec gold, silver and gems to be taken to the far north where no man had ever gone to and sent it to be hidden in this area until the Spanish were conquered and driven out of Mexico. The Indians living in the desert told about a big army of Aztec soldiers and slaves that went to the area and got lost in the whereabouts of Superstition Mountain. During this time the low desert remained to be under the water and Superstition Island used to be an island located in the Gulf of California. There have been experts that have said that it is very likely there is a big limestone cave on Superstition Mountain.

    Treasures of Vallecito
    A little while after the stage station was deserted by the people in Buttefield, it is said that a Mexican bandido along with his wife and maid girl used the building of the station as a place to hide. During a number of months this bandido used to assault the miners that were going back to the east with gold they had obtained from the Mother Lode. He managed to accumulate around eighty thousand dollars worth of gold he had robbed. He found out somehow that the authorities were going to raid his hiding spot and decided to send his wife out to Mexico. He kept the servant Indian girl with him to help with the cooking and so forth. The bandit then placed the gold on a pack horse and told the Indian girl he would come back in a little while. A few hours went by and horse came back to the hide out of the bandit but without the bandit. The Indian girl looked for her master and retraced the trail of the horse and found her master dead on the side of the trail. His horse had apparently thrown him down and he had struck his head and died. When the husband did not arrive to Mexico, the wife decided to go back to the stage station. The Indian girl was still there and told her what had happened and both of them went back to try to find the gold the bandit had taken with him. They were able to find the pack horse in a canyon close to the area where the bandit had died but all of the packs were empty and there was a shovel with the packs. The wife and the servant continued looking for a number of days but were not able to find the area where the bandit had buried the treasure before he died. This area is now known as Treasure Canyon. There was an Indian who went by the name Sonora Joe who claims to have worked a rich placer in the Vallecito Mountains and was known to go into the town of Julian with gold nuggets he would spend and would tell people there was a cave located close by that had a great number of relics left by the Indians. He disappeared for good one day when he was retuning to Julian. 

    Watson Bluebeard
    Watson Bluebeard was said to have been a hermaphrodite and a bigamist who confessed to having killed fourteen of the twenty five wives he had. He is said to have stolen at least $200,000 from the estates of his wives and had buried a great amount of the money close to the Borrego Springs.