The Plomosa & Kofa Placers

    The Plomosa placers are located in the washes and arroyos that run into the La Rosa Plain right in between the Plomosa Mountains and the Dome Rock Mountains. Some of the most productive places in the area have been located in Middle Camp, La Cholla, Oro Fino, and Plomosa. Oro Fino, La Cholla, and Middle Camp placers are all very close to the Dome Rock Mountains and the Plomosa placer deposits are located close to the Plomosa Mountains. A good number of large scale mining operations have been tried in the area however the efforts have never proven to be very successful. Most of the gold that is found in the area is found in bedrock however there are areas in which it is dotted all through the gravels. 

    The Kofa placers
    There is a gulch that is located right under the King of Arizona Mine and this is the only place where the deposits in the Kofa Mountains have been found. The placer gold that has been located in the gravels is different to that found in the lode veins of the King of Arizona or the North Star mines. It is possible that it comes from some low grade veins that are in the mountains or there might still be a rich vein that is to be discovered in the area. Those mining or prospecting the area will need to dig deep in order to find an area where the bedrock is exposed given that that is where the gold is located. The gold that is found in this area is known to be very coarse and some big size nuggets have been found as well.

    The Tank Mountains placers
    There are a good number of gulches that are located on the eastern slope of the Tank Mountains as well as on the north western side. These gulches have placer deposits and some color can be found sometimes.

    The Harquahala placers
    The Harquahala Gulch in the Harquahala Mountains has yielded some gold that has been taken from the placers in the 1880’s. This area consisted of a hard rock mining area.