The Greaterville Placers & Ash Canyon

    The Greaterville Placers
    The Greaterville area can be found on the east end of the Santa Rita Mountains and is one of the largest producing areas that exist in the state of Arizona. To get to Greaterville simply take highway 10 going east from Tucson around twenty two miles to highway 83, then you will need to go south on this same road to get to the Greaterville road. Then you will need to turn west and keep on going to Melendrez Pass road. Keep on going on Melendrez Pass road south to Greaterville. This is the most gold bearing area and those interested in nugget shooting can do so here as a good amount of gold nuggets have been found in the area. The biggest gold nugget that has been reported weighed thirty seven ounces. It has been said that in the early days it was not an unusual thing to obtain one ounce of gold in this area. The gulches that are in the area have gold as well and the placer deposits can mainly be found on the low east slope of the Santa Rita Mountains. The most gold bearing gravels are the ones that go along the stream courses, even though placers can also be found in older gravels on the benches as well as on the tops of the ridges. Not only is this place a good option for prospecting but it is also a very beautiful area.

    Ash Canyon
    The district of Ash Canyon can be found in the south east point of the Huachuca Mountains. Those interested in getting here can go south on highway 90 from Benson to Sierra Vista and then go on highway 92 to arrive in Ash Canyon road. This road will lead to the placer deposits that are in the canyon. Some prospectors have found good size nuggets in this area and nugget shooting and dry washing can be done as well.