The Barstow Area

    The Barstow area is actually located close to a great amount of gold districts but is not in itself an actual gold district. Some of the gold districts located around Barstow include smaller districts such as Oro Grande amongst many others. The area of Barstow started out as a supply center and rest area along the old Mojave River trail. The Barstow area has an old mining town that belongs to Calico. The owner of Knott’s Berry Farm, Walter Knott, purchased the entire town in 1951 and restored it. This town is well known of because of the silver it has produced. This is also the area where the old Silver King Mine can be found. This mine was discovered by three prospectors and produced close to $20,000,000 during its best moments. This obviously was a major incentive to waken the town and many people lived there.

    How to get to Barstow
    To get to Barstow you can take Interstate 10 the San Bernardino Freeway to San Bernardino. Then take the Barstow Freeway to get to the town of Barstow. If you are interested in visiting Calico, keep on traveling on the freeway around eight miles past its junction with highway 40. From this point on the signs will lead you straight to Barstow.