So where do you look for gold?

    As the good old saying says, gold is where you find it, and there is nothing more certain than this, however there are some places in which you are more likely to find it then in others. Some people have simply just gotten lucky and have gone to places no one had every considered and stroke it rich. How this happens, no one knows.

    Usually people that just happen to run into the gold end up being in a right general area. It is possible that if that person had had the right person with them such as a geologist they would have ended up in the same place. A geologist would most likely know this due to the geology and formations in the rocks of an area that might have had or has gold in it.

    Gold as we many people are aware of is one of the elements that the world is made up of and it can be found in certain places in small amounts or in abundance. Did you know that even seawater has gold in it? it has around one pound for every five thousand tons of water. Obviously this is not something that can be dealt with, as someone would have to first figure out a way to get rid of the water and get the gold out (obviously we do not want this to happen though). If someone were to get the gold out of the ocean though, this person would definitely end up with a great amount of gold. Some where someone said that if a person were to take the gold out of the sea, it would come out to a total amount of ten billions tons of gold. Sounds like an interesting thing to look into, but very difficult if not impossible.

    Therefore, most people have simply decided to stick to the gold that can be found on land. Most people are aware of the gold rush that happened in 1840’s and the 1850’s that took the people that were looking for gold to California and they then moved on to Colorado. Gold has been found in good amounts in at least twenty states within the United States.

    Our ancestors used gold a great number of time before there was ever any recorded history of gold mining. The Native Americans were able to find gold when the Mountain Rivers or streams washed out the old mountains.

    Thomas Jefferson talked about gold findings in the Rappahannock River in 1782 and in North Carolina people found gold in 1793, as a matter a fact; in 1799 a seven pound gold nugget was found in North Carolina.

    It is amazing when you think about it though because gold is something that has been discovered and mined in all the phases of our history. It was also found in Alaska in the 1790’s and opportunely for the United States, this did not cause a big scene until after the Russians decided to sell the land. Georgia is another place that had its own gold rush too in the 1820’s and as a matter a fact, so much gold was found that state was able to have its own mint at Dahlonga. Gold was also discovered in Ohio and Indiana due to the glacial deposits, which had left a good amount of gold in them.

     Alabama also had gold in 1830 but it was not mined that much until the prices of gold increased gold mining and this ended up in a small gold rush from 1930 to 1941. There are occasions in which gold is found when people are not even looking for it such as what happened in Pennsylvania when they collected forty thousand ounces of gold while mining for iron. Another place where gold was found was in Maine as well as Connecticut in 1985, this is also the place in which traces of gold were found in the Meshomiac State Forest in 1984.

    Gold can many times be found in places where other metals are being mined. in the past Utah reported their discovery of gold mainly from the copper mining they had done in Bingham City. Another interesting thing to know is that in certain places of Indiana or West Virginia diamonds have been occasionally found. During the gold hunting that began in the 1900’s around twenty of these precious gems were found.

    While it is true that gold has been seen in many states in the United States, there are some places that have it more abundantly then others. In the past the western states, such as the Black Hills of South Dakota and Alaska were the principal producers. However it is difficult to pin point the exact area where to look for it.

    There is probably not any site or site or magazine that will be able to tell a person exactly where to go to look in order to strike the big one and besides that it would not be convenient either because the result would just end up in a mass of people going to the place and cleaning it up. The only thing that can be indicated is where gold has been located in the past. And from that point on it would just be a matter of looking for any clues that could indicate the possibility of gold and following the signs, and obviously having a good amount of luck. It is not easy to find a fortune this way but there are good possibilities of finding at least a little bit of gold.

    In the past the best places to find it were in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado and South Dakota. There are some states in which it would be useful to explore while there are others that will not have any anymore. We have put together some places where gold could be found in the past and probably these days but there is not assurance of exactly where it could be located. The locations we are describing are places where gold has been found in the past and in some occasions many years ago.

    We are only including general locations in this part, not exact locations and for those interested in searching we suggest they get a good map with in depth information.