Robber's Roost Lost Treasure

    It has been said that three different treasures were lost at Robber’s Roost, however that there is only one treasure left to be found. The two treasures that were recovered are said to have had the worth of over $100,000 and were both robbed by bandits. The one that was never recovered is said to have been due to Mother Nature. Robber’s Roost is close to the Freeman junction that is on the intersection of highway 14 and highway 178 a few miles up highway 14 from Red Rock Canyon. In the past there used to be a stage station that was in a wash of Robber’s Roost. One evening there was a stage coach that had a safe box that had $25,000 in gold that made a stop over. The passengers of the stage coach got out to stretch their legs and the stage was left right on the wash. A storm started up and some water started to run through the wash. At first everything seemed fine, and then a thunder went rolling down the wash. The people watched as this huge wave of over fifteen feet with huge boulders came crashing down on them. There was no time for anybody to escape and everything was carried away with the water. One man who was a worker that had been sleeping in a shelter on higher ground survived the tragedy. It is said this man lost a great amount of money himself when the water washed away the station. Some of the parts of the stage coach and other items have been found.

    The treasure of Iron Canyon
    It is said there was an Indian that used to take his gold nuggets and trade them a local store. When certain men found out they decided to follow the Indian to find out where he was obtaining his gold from however when they only got as far as Iron Canyon where he disappeared on them. It is believed the Indian was working on one of the smaller sized canyons that was on its way to Iron Canyon.