Recover Gold from Mine Tailings

    Running a search through a mine tailings/dump needs to be done in a similar way bench testing is done. You can’t expect to get great results by simply sweeping your metal detector over the mine dump. You should choose a few potential samples of rock from the pile so that you can test it to see if it has any metal content in it. If you do not find any in it after having searched for a while you should move on to another area of the mine dump.

    Remember that when the mine did exist, there was only a little portion of its dump that could have obtained the tailings from the vein of ore. The other part of the dump will most likely only debris from the tunnels and mine shafts. In order to test the area effectively, you should grab rock or ore from different areas and locations of the dump, but mainly in the higher areas of the dump because this is where some of all the different pieces were thrown at one time or another.

    If after having been testing the area and you see nothing responds to your metal detector, you have most likely run into a certain type of ore whose content is too low grade and does not have enough metal in order to respond, you might also have to improve your ground balancing and scanning techniques.

    One of the best measures is by conducting research and selecting areas that produced the free milling type of high-grade ore that will surely respond to a metal detector. Pocket country is good for this type of prospecting. A lot of old timers would just wet the rock to find the gold and only took the highest-grade ore, which is more commonly known as jewelry ore, and this type of ore is worth much more than the value of its metallic content. 

    The most important key is to know the metal detector you are using and to keep in mind that it will not lie to you if it is used right. Detectors that have the lowest quality manufacture will even respond according to their circuitry. If you know how your metal detector works and understand the responses it gives you should not have any problem getting good samples from mines that have been abandoned.

    Although it may be hard to believe, there is still millions of dollars worth of precious metal that is lying unnoticed in small and large ore dumps. And anyone that has enough that has enough perseverance and uses the correct type of tools and metal detector will be able to take advantage of the wealth the world has provided for us all.