Plastic Sluices

    There is something very positive to express over the existing modern sluice boxes in the market. Le´trap is selling an excellent plastic sluice. It is very light, durable, and when built properly, it generally recovers gold better than the conventional aluminum models that are bought in shops, or that are home made using any of the riffle designs aforementioned., maybe except those of expansive metal.

    One of the limitations of plastic sluices is that they cannot receive a harsh treatment. Likewise, they can only process a limited volume of material. And due that riffles in a plastic sluice are very superficial and the materials should be pre-screened before being thrown out of the box.

    Something pleasant about plastic sluices is that it is easy to clean. There are no riffles or rugs to remove. Its single piece plastic construction allows pouring concentrates in a tube while one throws some water over the riffles.

    Le´trap sluices are also very much used by gold-dredgers and for the most important placer operations to concentrate much more gold from the final clean up of the recovery system.

    Concentrates coming from medium and large scale dredging operations or those coming from a placer’s commercial operation, can be round 10 or 20 gallons or more in volume (from 2 to 5 buckets of 5 gallons). If they are first screened through an 8 to 12 inch mesh screen, the volume of concentrates can be concentrated even more in the plastic sluice of Le´trap, without a single loss of gold. The result is all or most of the gold, with only ¼ gallon (a third of a gold pan) volume of remaining concentrates. This makes the final be faster.