Places you can look for Gold in a Streambed

    Some of the best places to look for gold are:

    • Underneath whirlpools where two streams come together.
    • In the roots of river plants.
    • On the upstream side of obstructions.
    • In calm pools.
    • On the inside edges of the bends of a stream.

    In these types of places the gold will most likely be more imbedded into the ground because the natural weight of the gold will cause it to settle further in, and due to the fact that it has had more time to sink into the ground.

    If you are interested in getting to the gold that has been deposited in the bank at a bend in the former stream you will need to do a little bit of panning. By this point the inactivity of the gold will cause it to be driven into the bank, but with time since the last flash flood the gold will keep on settling in, and then mud and dust will little by little build up the bank. Due to this you will need to look back from the edge of the bend and look downwards.

    One thing you can do is to dig from the top of the actual bank at the point where you think the gold might have settled into. You can go panning as you are digging, obviously at the beginning of this process you are not going to get anything, however if you picked out the right spot then you should be able to identify some color. If this happens continue to go down into the main pocket. The process we just explained is what is known as “drifting”.