Placer Mining in Washington and Other States

    Placer mining in Washington
    There are a good number of placers in Washington and it is recognized for it. Gold has been discovered all along a good amount of the streams, there are some that go down the Cascade Mountains on the west slope. In most cases, the placers that do have gold in them can be found in the north central part of the states of Washington.

    Other placer mining states
    All throughout the states located on the west of the country, placer mining is only done in some particular areas. The main and most productive sources however, have been in South Dakota, the Black Hills, mainly in the Deadwood area, and the French Creek that is located close to Cluster. There are some copper deposits in New Mexico and Arizona in which gold has been found as a byproduct as well. In the east side of the country, there are some streams that drain the slopes of the eastern slopes of the Appalachian Range that have produced gold. There are some saprolite deposits, where the rock has decomposed in its original holding place, and this has been one of the sources of placer diggings in Georgia and in the Carolinas. For the most part, the eastern placers have been sparingly distributed and there is not a great amount of gold in them. Because of this, a great amount of work has been done to mine them every since the beginning of the 1800’s. On the other hand, a lot of locations provide potential for little or small scale operations if the project is going to be done as secondary thing.