Placer Mining in Idaho, Montana & Nevada

    Placer Mining in Idaho
    A good amount of the gold that has been produced in Idaho comes from placer deposits, given that this state was one of the most important placer mining states. One of the main dredging areas can be found in the Boise Basin, which is located a few miles northeast of Boise, and in the west central area of the Idaho. There are also other known of placer areas which can be found through the Salmon River in Lemhi and Idaho counties as well as on the Clearwater River and its tributaries, mainly in Orofino, Elk city and Pierce. This area also has flour gold in its sands of the Snake River in the south side of Idaho.

    Placer mining in Montana
    In Montana, the main placer mining districts are located in the south part of this state. A number of the more chief localities are located on the Missouri River in the Helena mining area and this is where the Last Chance Gulch is also located. A lot of the regions can be found further south, on the tributaries and headwaters of the Missouri River, for the most part in Madison County which is within the highest ranks of the gold production in Montana and which has, in addition, produced more placer gold than any many of the counties in the state. One of the most productive placer deposits in the state of Montana is located in Madison County, which is the Alder Gulch located close to Virginia City. There are in addition many places located on the headwaters of Clara Fork of the Columbia River where gold has been found as well, mainly in the area of Butte, however the placer output from this area has been outdone by lode production.

    Placer mining in Nevada
    Around 115 placer districts in Nevada have been said to have produced at least 1,700,000 ounces of gold from the years 1948 to 1968, and this is said to have been the largest gold producing time in the south west area. However, even though all of the probable sources in the form of lode gold are very distributed around the state, Nevada is not a very big producer of placer gold given the fact that there is a water shortage in these areas. To resolve this problem in the past, miners used dry washers and additional methods to conserve the water and these were methods were used a lot. Some of the main areas of production are located in the western half of the state of Nevada and are made up of Spring Valley, American Canyon in the Humboldt Range, Pershing County and the Manhattan and Round Mountain areas in the Nye County. Other areas that have been worked on are located under Virginia City and close to Charleston in the north part of Elko County. There are also a lot of signs of limited placer diggings that can be found all over the place. Nevada’s production of precious metals has been around one billion dollars worth of gold. Close to forty percent of this has been found in the form of gold and the remainder in silver.