Peg Leg Mine found?

    There was a claim years ago of a person that said to have found the Lost Peg Mine and along with his claim he sent a black nugget with a letter he had written to Desert Magazine. It is very possible this man did indeed find the lost mine. However, no one can be entirely sure and that treasure might still be out there for some lucky passer by. Who knows?

    The Story of Peg Leg the Second
    There is another story of a Peg Leg the Second which started a little while after Peg Leg Smith died. Peg Leg the second supposedly lost a leg in the Civil War and just so happened to be named Smith as well, however, he was called Peg Leg Smith the Second. Peg Leg the second was not the same type of person other Peg Leg was and certainly took care of not losing his gold. It is said that he found a rich ledge of brown colored quartz that had gold in it. Peg Leg the second was well known in the San Bernardino and Yuma area and used to spend his money in the shops there. There was many times in which men who wanted to take his fortune would follow him from the towns. He would go through the worse places in the desert aware of the fact that he was being followed. Peg Leg the second was known to have incredible endurance in the sun and would wait until the men following him would turn return to their town or pass out due to the blazing sun. He continued to work on his mine for years and would go into the towns every once in awhile to do a big shopping. One day a mine that was said to have left the Army post at Yuma said he had found Peg’s body lying dead along the trail and that he had a fifty pound bad of gold ore next to him. The soldier, who had gotten lost as well, was able to get to San Bernardino and had to be hospitalized because he was dehydrated, cut and bruised. Along with him he had several pounds of ore. The ore was said to have been Peg Leg’s ore however the soldier soon died in the hospital. Before he died he told the doctor what he had found out about the discovery of the ore and provided clues as to where the gold could be found. However, the gold was never found again. It is possible that Peg Leg had hidden the outcrop and all the traces of the work he had done every time he left the area. It is possible that with time and the right tools this treasure will be found one day.