Mineralization Summary

    The appreciation of the horizon of the minerals of gold and of its treatments place in evidence the general and particular tendencies of the dominion of the metallurgy.

    Two innovations mark without context the development of the technology of the last ten years:

    • The procedures of the carbon activated in pulp which leads to the recuperation of gold for the precipitation over zinc.
    • The cyanidation in large amounts, simple and economical procedure which allows the opening of the bed with weak contents or the continuation of old renovations.

    The minerallurgy of the minerals of gold is performed in plain revolution, particularly at a level of focus of new solvents of gold, which are presently the object of numerous investigations.

    On the side of these innovations, the interest of the present day is placed more and more on the use of the oldest technique of treatment known, the gravimetry. To the idea of a simple trap, it is substituted by the placing of gravimetric equipment which are the latest.

    In the focus of a scheme of treatment, the mineralogy has a determining position, particularly for the complex minerals, whether if these studies may sometimes be difficult for the gold itself, the weak contents which are found must be taken into account, because they are indispensable for the sulphurs and the gangue; and sensitive to offer fundamental information for the election of the methods of treatment.

    The particularity of the treatment of the minerals of gold does not reside so much in the use of certain specific techniques (even though in the case of some: absorption over carbon, for example), like the diversity of its presentations and its mineral associations and in the weakness of its content.