Madera County Gold Districts

    Madera County is located on the southern part of the Mother lode area. The first discovery of gold in Madera County was in 1850 at Texas Flat. The name of the camp then changed its name to Coarsegold and this is the name it still has today.

    One of the most popular places for gold mining is located on the Chowchilla River, which is located on a town outside of Raymond. People enjoy recovering gold in this area with portable dredges. Some people also enjoy going alongside the river bed with a pan. One of the gold activities that do well in this area is gold panning as a matter a fact and this area is known to have gold panning contests.

    In order to get here, you will need to take road 600 out of the city of Madera to the town of Raymond and then take Road 800 out of Raymond if you are interested in getting to the river.

    The development of the territory known as Madera County (Coarsegold) has made a great deal of progress. When gold was discovered in this area it caused there to be a big wave of immigrants and most of them were placer miners that worked all along the streams that had a lot of precious metal, and before long a new mining period came about with the increase of hard rock ledge mining for gold, as well as silver and copper.