Lost Mine in Goler

    This story is at times confused with another story of a lost mine in the El Paso Mountains. This lost mine story however, took place in Death Valley. John Goller was one of the first forty niners that had successfully crossed the Death Valley to get to the fields of gold. Goller and the people he was with were running out of water and He went on search trips along the canyons of the Panamint Mountains to the Death Valley. On one of his searches he ran into a rich placer he found in a gulch and was able to fill a small bag of gold nuggets. When people found out about this event Goller turned into a very successful and prosperous business man in Los Angeles. It is said he was a very honest person and respected because of it. After this event though, Goller was no longer able to find anymore gold nuggets again and it was probably due to the fact that the wind sifted the sand and buried them.

    The Lost Breyfogle Mine
    The story of the lost Breyfogle mine is one of the most known of stories of lost treasures. In 1862 three miners set out for Nevada when the big silver boom was occurring. The prospectors stayed close to the Panamint Mountains one night and in the middle of the night their camp was attacked by Indians and two of the prospectors got killed. Breyfogle was the only one that managed to survive and escape. The only way he would be able to escape though was to go through Death Valley. Breyfogle did not have any food or water on him. He was able to find a spring in the desert but the water was contaminated and he became ill. When he woke up from his delirium he remembered seeing green vegetation on the side of a mountain and believing he would be able to find water there decided to go to this mountain, however it was only a mesquite. This was the place that Breyfogle found the rich ore that others dreamed of and longed. Even though Breyfogle was delirious he was able to recall seeing gold streaked quartz. After this event, Breyfogle returned to Death Valley many different times in hopes of finding the vein but did not return on one of his journeys and nobody heard from him again.