Looking for Gold in Waterfalls

    There are many different types of waterfalls. However we are not going to focus on the smaller ones here. We are going to be looking into waterfalls that have somewhat of a moderate height and velocity. In most cases these would be of a stream width, and would have an almost vertical descent and should operate all year. In order to produce a bedrock placer the waterfall will need to operate even in flood times.

    These types of waterfalls are perfect for transporting and most gold that is washed over them is carried and no deposition occurs near the bottom. The bottom of the waterfall has somewhat of a churning effect and the gold that gets to this area generally does not stay around that long to where it is not even able to get ground up. What happens though is that it becomes swept into the current of the stream.

    In a lot of cases big waterfalls usually empty in an area that has a width that is above the average width of the stream right above the waterfalls and for a distance under it. This usually consists of a straight stretch of stream. Gold that has been deposited in this area will in most cases always follow along with those rules and the thing that produced is usually a big placer with a good amount of gravel that is fairly evenly deposited with gold over a big area close to bedrock. This type of area is obviously very worth sampling and dredging out.