How to Amalgamate Gold with Mercury

    The measuring cup at this time has mercury, the gold combination being carried by the mercury and a small quantity of insult that was carried into the cup when the mercury was transferred to the pan. To eliminate this small sum of insul, fill the measuring cup with water. Pour the water and mercury into a second measuring cup. Some of the insul has continue on the base and the sides of the first cup .Wash this cup out cautiously, pour clean water over the mercury in the second cup, and pour the filling of the second cup back into the first cup. The second cup is washed out. The process is frequently until all the insul has been detached. The cleaned product now has only mercury and the gold fusion being carried by the mercury.

    The next step is to divide the gold combination from the excess mercury. This is done by pressing the mercury through a chamois skin. The chamois skin must be a primary thin not the heavier type used at big stations for cleaning windows. Mercury cannot be exceeding through the holes of the thicker skins. The thinner skins can generally be obtained at a drugstore. The chamois is located in a bottle of water and tolerable to immerse for several minutes. Fill a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup ¾ full of water. When soaked detached the chamois skin from the water, spread it out, and place it over the top of an empty 2 cup size measuring cup. Push the skin down into the empty cup to form a bag to hold the mercury and gold amalgam. Transfer the mercury and gold combination into this bag. Then the sides, which are cover over the edge of the cup, must be warily gathered up and pulled together.

    The chamois should now look like a strike with the heavy mercury and gold hanging in toe of it. Now put the chamois in the water in the bigger measuring cup, being cautious to hold the gathered edges strongly .Water is used in the cup so that if a leak should happen in the skin, the mercury will not discharge out, be drop and lost. Holding the gathered edges of the skin closely with one hand, being twisting the skin as you can. Continue twisting down toward the mercury and fusion.

    As the skin increase around the contents, mercury will be required through the small holes of the skin and fall to the base of the cup. The grains of gold combination are too large to pass through the holes, and stay in the chamois. Continue pressing until no more mercury can be squeezed through the skin. Now eliminate the skin from the water .Cautiously grasp any excess water from the skin .You will now feel a hard lump in the base of the skin. This is the gold mix. Place the chamois on a flat exterior and carefully open up the skin .When finally opened, turn the chamois over and allow the mix to fall onto a clean piece of paper. Using yours fingers, work all the mixture into a ball. Place this ball in a pot with a tight lid. Wash your hands as soon as you finish doing this. Great care should always be use when working with mercury, and the substance should not be touched more than essential. It must never be placed near the mouth. When storing it keep in an unbreakable container with a tight fitting lid or, with a layer of water casing it. Mercury vaporizes at room temperatures if not thus contained and is really toxic.

    The ball in the container is now a mixture switch of roughly 50 percent gold and 50 percent mercury.