Hobby Gold Mining

    There was a time in which gold was selling at thirty dollars a troy ounce. Now it is way above that therefore it is something that gives a bit more of an interest to those looking into hunting for gold.

    There is gold out there. There are some people that like gold hunting on the weekends and who have their favorite spots. Often times these people are able to gather a little bit of gold and it is something they really enjoy doing.

    Obviously if you have been doing this type of hobby for awhile now, you will probably have a good amount of “dust” and nuggets saved up. Keep in mind also that there were places in the past that were not claimed or abandoned but that have now been claimed and some of these places are even being worked on, so be sure to find out about these things before you start you gold digging adventure as you do not want to get caught trespassing and violating the law. Despite this factor, there are still places that can be worked on to find gold.

    Weekend Gold Mining

     A Story about Gold

    Stream Prospecting

    So where do you look for gold?

    Testing and more Testing

    Finding Gold in South Dakota

    Gravity of Common Metals

    Finding Gold in Colorado

    Gold Mining in the Desert

    Finding Gold in Arizona

    Are you interested in doing Prospecting Electronically?

    Finding Gold in Nevada

    Metal and Mineral TR detectors

    Finding Gold in California

    So what should you do if you find Gold?

    Finding Gold on the Beach

    United States Bureau of Land Management

    What to look for when
     looking for Gold

    Gold Locations

    Common Land formations when looking for Gold

    Ghost Towns and Lost Mines

    Simple Gold Prospecting

    California  Ghost Towns

    Places you can look for Gold in a Streambed

    Colorado Ghost Towns

    Looking for Gold at the Barrier Level

    Gold Coins and Old Bottles

    Bad Air in Caves

    Finding Lost Mines

    Once you find Gold,
    how do you get it out?

    Mark Twains Lost Gold Mine

    So How Exactly do you Pan Gold?

    Using Rockers

    What are Crevice Scrapers?

    Using Sluices

    Suction Pumps


    Getting the Gold out of the Sand