Gold Mining Exploration

    Geologists who focus in gold mining exploration of natural resources often times require traveling a great deal to isolated areas in all kinds of climates, so as to find mineral or coal deposits. The work conditions in mines and pits can be out of the ordinary and in some circumstances very unsafe and dangerous. Underground mines are humid and dark, and others can be very hot as well as loud. Ever so often, a number of inches of water may possibly cover tunnel floors. Even though the underground mines have access to electric lights, there are certain areas in which only the miner’s caps lights illuminate certain deep and hidden areas. The roofs inside of the underground mines are in addition very low and often times the miners are required to work on their hands and knees, backs, or stomachs, in extremely cramped areas. There are many dangers in underground mining operations such as the possibility of an explosion or a cave in, electric shock, or contact with harmful gases. Workers in surface mines and mine pits also have to deal with all types of extreme outdoor work in all kinds of weather conditions. There are also cases in which some mines close down when the weather is too extreme such as when there is snow and ice since it makes it difficult to work. The men working in mines are also required to have a lot of physical strength and stamina given that their work directly involves lifting, stooping, and climbing. Surface mining, on the other hand, more often than not is not as dangerous and does not have all the same dangers as underground mining. Illnesses and injuries in gold mining exploration have progressively reduced over the years given the fact that there are now a lot of stricter safety laws and improvements in mining machinery and practices. Even though mine health and safety conditions are a lot better now and have dramatically improved, the dust that is caused due to drilling in mines still puts miners at risk of catching severe lung diseases. The first priority and concern of all in gold mining explorations must be the health and safety of the miners.