Gold Locations -Where is the gold

    Something that you may want to keep in mind is that in general areas that have good findings in them are usually not very big in size, so if you go past it by twenty feet or so you may have already past it. When you are filing a claim you will be given a good size piece of land so you do not have to describe the exact location, however it is a good idea to know where the exact spot is because you may just find that when you go back to the spot, you can’t find it anymore. This would explain why there are so many lost mines. If you think about it, it is not easy to find a small hole in rough country and not marking it just might cost you.

    A good way to mark the location you have found is by piling up some stones or something that will not blow away with the wind. While you are working your way back to the closest checkpoint on the map, you should mark your trail in the same way as well. if you do not do this you will also be included in as one of the people that lost a mine.

    When you do bring gold home with you, there are different things you can do with it. There are people that are interested in finding gold in order to sell it. The United States Mint, in Washington will buy gold that comes in quantities over one ounce, troy weight.

    Note: gold and silver are measured in "Troy weight", from Troyes in France, a system that consists of pennyweights, ounces and pounds. The ounces and pounds do not equal the Avoirdupois or customary United States system that other general goods are measured in. Gold is also commonly measured in metric grams. A pennyweight (abbreviated dwt.) is equal to 1.5552 grams. 24 grains = 1 pennyweight = 1.5552 grams 20 pennyweight = 1 troy ounce = 31.1035 grams 12 ounces = 1 pound troy = 373.24 grams. There are 12 ounces in one troy pound instead of the 16 ounces in the normal avoirdupois system. While we're on the subject, it is easy to understand why it would be nice if we could just go from this odd system of avoirdupois and troy pounds and ounces to the normal metric system we love so much and where everything is simple multiples of ten.

    Gold can also be sold to accredited dealers. Accredited dealers will buy it at about half to two thirds of the price quoted on the international market. You may want to check with one in your town to find out.

    There are also people that really enjoy having their gold made into jewelry as well as souvenirs. Nuggets or gold dust that is embedded in a creation of yours will definitely give you a lot to talk to your visitors about. Gold dust and nuggets can be mounted under a small plastic or quartz dome and set in a ring or anything you want.

    There are a number of creations and things people have come up with, some very wild and some very beautiful. The number of things you can do with gold is really endless; just make sure to not just let it sit in your nightstand for nothing. Gold is too valuable and precious to just let it sit in a drawer.