Gold from Old Mines and Mine Tailings Dump

    A good number of the old miners overlooked pockets and veins of high grade ore. Due to their limitations as far as equipment was concerned, some of them used to work very closely, sometimes centimeters or inches, of gold and silver and were not aware of it because they were not able to see it with their eyes. The modern very low frequency metal detectors electronic prospectors have these days are very useful since they help point out these important pockets and veins.

    Given that you will locate most mine tunnels driven through highly magnetic or mineralized material, a very low frequency detector needs to be ground balanced as carefully and exact as possible so as to not feel the effects of these types of minerals. It is also recommended you set or tune your detector so that you are able to keep a soft but constant sound from the speaker or if you have headphones this will work even better. Use your search coil around four to ten inches from the tunnel wall – this will largely depend on the amount of mineralization there is in the place -. Use your search coil to search the walls and ceiling very carefully making sure to observe any signs of metallic signals. Some experts suggest using spray cans paints for marking. Ore that has a good amount of conductivity, as well as some non-conductive magnetic ore will react positively to metal.

    There are some prospectors that have gotten into working the ore dumps of some of the old mines that have been forgotten about and have on occasions struck it well. On many occasions the company that had been operating the mine was only looking for a certain type of metal or mineral. Besides this, due to the fact that people were not able to actually see inside the chunks of ore, a lot of samples that were very valuable were discarded. The good thing is that electronic metal detectors are able to rework some dumps for minerals and metals that have been left behind or discarded. There are still dumps that are waiting to provide their wealth to an individual with a good modern metal detector, who knows, that person may just be you.

    The only thing about mine dumps is that they can’t be scanned the way you would in a beach or park. Don’t expect a detector to pick up even small amounts of rich metals in the middle of massive rock that is often times heavily loaded with magnetic iron.