Gold Extraction Methods

    Process selection: Process selection is the systematic development of the optimum metal extraction route for a particular ore using the most appropriate technology. For gold the procedure has two goals:

    • Optimize project economics, principally a function of gold recovery throughput rate and processing cost.
    • Develop a process that satisfies all of the project requirements, including environmental considerations.

    Process selection is an iterative procedure which usually starts as soon as exploration has established the presence of gold mineralization in sufficient grade and tonnage for the orebody to be considered a potentially economic reserve. The effort devoted to process selection is related to the degree of certainly of the grade and reserve estimations and their absolute values, such as attractiveness of the deposit.

    The risk associated with the development of gold projects can be minimized planning a good work metallurgical program, and considering aspects that have been considered in the project: capital, profitability, risk and environmental factors

    Factors in a process selection: The factors affecting process selection can be grouped into six areas.

    Economic and Political