Finding Gold on the Beach

    The mountains are not the only place gold can be found believe it or not, gold has also been found along some beaches as well, however it is not that common. If you are considering getting into looking for gold on the beach, be aware that it is uncommon to find it and considered a bit more of a gamble then placer mining. This however does not mean that it has not gone well for some people, there are some that have done quite well at it as a matter a fact, still it is not that common.

    Supposedly there is a beach in Nome, Alaska that is only a few hundred yards wide, brought about two million dollars worth of gold before it all ran out. This obviously occurred a very long time ago.

    If you are going to look for gold on the beach, your best bet is to look in an area where the river flows down to the ocean from the mountains that are known to have gold in them. This would therefore involve the beaches that are located on the West Coast, mainly due to the fact that the mountains have to be located close by a beach in order for the gold to be brought down on to the beach before it goes out into the foothills and settles there.

    The best time to try is after a storm since the storm will raise the level of the stream and cause it flood down to the sea hopefully brining gold along with it. You will want to look for the normal signs, mainly the existence of black sand. Be careful not to be fooled with oily or dirty sand though, just make sure the sand is magnetic and if and when you find a place that has all of the signs you are looking for, it is time to take your pan out and start the search.