Finding Gold in Nevada

    Nevada is one of the world’s leading gold producing areas, and accounts for something like sixty four percent of the United States and nine percent of the world complete production of gold. While this may be somewhat of a shocking statistic, Nevada has a nickname, which is "The Silver State", however California is believed to be more closely connected with the production of gold. Nevada is the third-largest producer of gold in the entire world. It produced 7.73 million ounces in 2002, and only Australia that produced 9 million ounces, and South Africa that produced 12.7 million ounces produced over that amount. This state also used to produce a great amount of silver (hence its nickname).

    Some of the places to consider finding out about gold and places where gold has been found are:

    • Lynn County. If you are near or going towards or coming from Virginia City you can look into Silver City, which is located five miles south.
    • Humboldt County. There used to be a great amount of creek beds in which gold could be found. Another interesting place to look into is the bed of Pole Creek, which is located forty-five miles of Winnemucca on US 95.
    • Look into Elko County along the Bruneau and the Owyhee Rivers near the headwaters of the Owyhee. These are located around fifty miles east of Midas, and around forty-five miles northwest of Elko.
    • Esmeralda County that originally was set up as a silver producer but had quite a good burst of gold production in 1905. Gold Mountains is another option to look into and it is located in the State Route 71 in the southern part of the county.
    • Eureka County, more specifically northwest of Carlin along the Lynn Creek as well.

    Important Note: Always check with the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and property owners before attempting to do any gold panning.