Eluvial Prospecting

    Prospecting of eluvials is pretty much the same as that of alluvial prospecting. However, the methods of prospection can vary according to the type of alluvial field and the objectives that can be obtained, in other words:

    • The discovery of an advantageous eluvial deposit.
    • The search for a primary deposit, recovering of eluvials (lodes, stockwerk, solids, etc.)

    Implementation methods
    In the first place, when the objective is to simply find eluvial deposit, the prospecting is carried out according the same principles and methods that is done in the classical alluvial prospecting. When in the second case, a primary deposit is being looked for; the localizing of it will be in function of:

    • Growing distribution of the eluvial tenors.
    • Regularity of the outlines or angular shapes of the pebbles of mineral (or satellite minerals).
    • Of the growing amplitude of the angularity in the increase of the rock fragments that the gangue forms from the primary mineral.
    • From its concentration.

    The discovery of a primary deposit signals the final point of the eluvial prospection. The deposit that is found will give place to a continuation of another search phase followed by different methods that can be applied to a study of deposits in rocks. It is important to keep in mind that getting close to a primary deposit is a lot easier through geochemistry and usually the search is done by using this method.