El Dorado District

    Nearly all of the mining that has been done in Eldorado district has occurred in the area of the Eldorado canyon. There have been a good number of shafts that have been sunk in the canyon in order to reach the gold so this is something prospectors will want to keep in mind. Besides this, this area also has lode deposits. In order to get to this district you will need to get on highway 60 off highway 95 on the south of Boulder City.

    Gilbert district
    Given that Gilbert district is in addition called the Desert district, even though it is placed right next to a mountain, we feel that it is a good idea to add in along in here since there have been a good number of reports of gold being found here and there in the district. Gilbert district is located in Esmeralda County and is on the north slopes of the Monte Cristo Mountains.

    Goldfield district
    The Goldfield district is one of the countries where the last gold rushes occurred. Deposits were first discovered in this area in 1902 and serious mining occurred the following year. In addition there are a good amount of remains that can be found in the area and are interesting to see. The production that has occurred in this area has come from lode deposits, and some of them were quite rich. Those interested in getting to Goldfield can take highway 95. Goldfield is located close to twenty five miles south of Tonopah.

    Gold Point district
    Gold Point district is a very nicely preserved gold camp that is located close to Goldfield. There remain to be a small amount of residents in the area so get the necessary permissions before exploring and prospecting. There have been small amounts of placer gold found in the area however almost all of the production has come from lode deposits. The veins occur in calcareous shale close to intrusive granite. Those interested in visiting Gold Point will need to go south from Goldfield around fifteen miles on highway 95 to highway 3, once here head west on for around six to seven miles more to highway 71 and continue going on this road until you get to Gold Point.

    Klondyke district
    Klondyke is located in the south Klondyke Hills a few miles south from Tonopah and there is an interesting story to this place. In the past the Chinese are said to have worked the placers in the area in the 1870’s. This area can be considered for those interested in dry washing.