California Desert Gold Bearing Areas

    Almost all of the mountains that are located on the California desert on the east as one gets close to the border of Arizona and Nevada have gold in them, some more or less than others. Usually though the roads are not well built in these areas and are not very convenient to travel through unless you have a good vehicle and experience.

    The Whipple Mountains
    The Whipple Mountains are located in the south eastern part of the San Bernardino County. Gold and copper in quartz veins has been found in this area and mining has been done successfully.

    New York district
    The district of New York is also known as the Vanderbilt District and is located in the north eastern County of San Bernardino in the New York Mountains. Gold was seen in this area in 1861 for the first time and mining operations started and continued on and off until around 1941. The district became well known of and a spur was constructed next to the railroad in order to serve it. The district had one main mine which was called the Vanderbilt Mine which had a shaft that reached down to a depth of 400 feet. The gold in this area occurred in quartz veins which at times also contains silver and copper. The Castle Mountain is also close by. This place had a quick whift of success around 1910 and was also served by the exact same branch of the railroad as the New York District.

    Ivanpah district
    The district of Ivanpah covers the Ivanpah and Mescal Range of mountains. The main producer here was the Mollusk Mine and it had a production of over a quarter of a million dollars. The gold here can be found in quartz and mineralized breccia. The Mollusk vein was different given that it consisted of dolomite.