Area of Southern Nevada

    This is an area that has not been as mined as other areas and this is mainly due to the inaccessibility of the mining district, the roughness of the weather and the terrain which is quite rugged making it an area that has not been overly worked on in the past years. Nevada is in fact number four of the largest gold producing states. In 1993 Nevada mined 6.7 million ounces of gold and this represented seventy percent of the entire gold production in the United States and represented eleven percent of the total production in the world. Almost all of the gold in Nevada comes from lode deposits as well as a by product of the silver and copper mines. A good amount of placer mining has been done in Nevada as well, most of it being done through dry washing. Like in most places, the miners that used to work in the placers ended up finding the lode deposits. It was this blue material that frustrated the miners in the past in Gold Canyon given that it used to clog up their sluice boxes and rockers; however this ended up turning them into very rich people later on. The blue material they had found turned out to be silver and some of the best and richest deposits were found in this place. The earliest known of gold placering in the state of Nevada was discovered by some Mexican miners in Tule Canyon before 1848. It is not known how much gold these miners managed to recover however it has been estimated that as much as one million dollars worth was recovered.

    The Searchlight district
    The Searchlight district is located off of highway 95 and is known to be the highest gold producing district in Clark County and close to a quarter million ounces of gold has been recovered. Placer gold has also been found in the area, however all the production that has been recorded has come from the lode mines.