A Goler Gulch Gold Tale

    An interesting and ironic story was told that occurred a while back in Goler Gulch. There was a road crew that was working close to Goler Gulch when a couple people drove up to them and asked them where they should go to find a gold nugget so they could take it back as a souvenir east with them. Obviously the road crew laughed at the request and sent some of them to over to one of the old mines and suggested they look through the tailings. They respectfully thanked the road crew and returned around thirty minutes later with a big slab of gold the size of a hand with them that they just so happened to find laying on the tailings. Incredible as it may seem, this has occurred, not often but it has.

    Another interesting area around Goler Gulch is Summit Dry Diggens which is east of the main body of El Pasos and this area has a great deal of activity that goes on during the weekends and is well known of. This area also has a lot of active claims and it is vital to get permission before working on lands that are posted. This area used to be called Poor Man’s Diggens because the gravels in this area were not high grade. This does not mean that this area doesn’t have any gold; it is still possible to find a little. Some miners did not like this area at all and went down to the Rand Mountains and discovered Randsburg where it went very well. To get to this area you will need to take the Golden State Freeway to the Antelope Valley Freeway. Then take Highway 14 until you get to the Red Rock Randsburg Road. On your way you will go through the towns of Lancaster and Mojave as well. The Red Rock Ransdburg takes off to a right from its junction with Highway 14 to an area that is called Wagon Wheel. Goler Gulch passes the ghost town of Garlock. There are road forks just before one gets to Garlock and here you will need to take the road that goes left which will go on until highway 395. This is three miles away from Iron Canyon Road. This road will lead you past the cemetery in Goler and through Benson Gulch. Almost all of the roads that are located off the main road are dirt roads, however they are not difficult to travel in. around half a mile past Iron Canyon Road you will find Goler Road. The Last Chance Canyon Road is around six miles from Highway 14 on Red Rock Randsburg Road which will lead one back to the El Paso Mountains. This area has been known to have a good amount of placer gold mined from it as well. This will lead you past the old mining camp of Cudahay, which is at present a ghost town, Copper Basin, Burro Schmidts’ Tunnel.