Diamond Mining Equipment

    19 Nov

    Diamond is one of the most expensive things on the planet and is a huge business. Mining for diamonds requires specific equipments. Diamond mining equipment used at a regular basis includes dredges, stir pans, jig plants, etc.

    Gravel pumps are used in diamond mining which is especially helpful for marine operators. Priming system are required to remove air from above the waterline in the hose and pump casing before the pump is started. Manual as well as venture and mechanical suction pumps can be used for priming.

    Classifier plays a very important role in diamond mining. The pumps works to pass the water sand and gravel into the classifier which removes the sand and oversized gravel from the mixture and only the part of the mixture that may contain diamonds is retained.

    Diamond jigs are the final sorting equipment where the diamonds are obtained from the sorted mixture containing various sized gravel. Some jigs require pre- sorted fractions whereas some don’t. these are powered by either single cylinder engines using petrol or diesel or with an electric motor or hydraulic motor. Mining rafts are used while looking for diamonds in the sea to carry the mining equipment.

    Dredges are used to efficiently pump the gravel containing diamonds up from the sea and can be diver operated so as to efficiently guide the hose around the rocks. Diamond washing plants can be either fixed or mobile. Mobile diamond washing plants can be easily moved from one location to another. The fixed washing plants have the advantage of being completely automated. These methods are used in semi- industrial level of diamond mining.

    Industrial mining requires a lot more planning and construction. Thorough research of the soil, climate, etc. will have to be done before the mining operations begin. In industrial level of mining, diamond separation in completely automated, where an x- ray separator is used to detect and separate diamonds.

    Open cast mines are done when the sub soil is removed using hydraulic shovels. Obstructions like rocks are blown out and the material that they suspect contain diamonds are loaded onto trucks and transported.

    Underground mines for diamonds are more expensive and also require more complicated equipment. Block caving is a relatively inexpensive method where blocks of ores get blasted resulting in caving of diamond containing ore.

    Marine diamond mining requires boats and powerful equipments. It may also require blowing up layers in order to expose the diamantiferous gravel. Pipe mining is when volcanic deposits are exploited to recover diamonds and alluvial mining is where river beds and oceans are used to obtain diamonds. Both the methods require different equipments and approach.

    Different qualities of diamonds obtained at the end of the operation get used for different purposes. Gem quality goes for jewelry whereas industrial quality diamonds are used for industrial purposed like drilling, grinding, polishing, etc. A lot of work goes to obtain the diamonds from the earth and equally as much goes into polishing them and making them usable. Having the right equipment for all the above operations makes the mining simpler and cost effective.